About Bahamas Plastic Surgery

At Bahamas Plastic Surgery our mission is to provide professional and courteous service and care to our patients. We believe our duty is to create an optimal environment for the physical, social, and psychological well-being of the patient. We aim to provide personalized attention to each patient through a well-trained, professional, and caring staff, and to educate our patients so that they have the knowledge to make an informed decision.

We recommend our patients do some research about the procedure(s) they want to consider. Dr Neil can often be heard saying, “The best patient is an educated patient”. Maybe they know someone who had the surgery and have spoken with them. Maybe they have done a little research about the procedure and are familiar with key terms, risks, and benefits. We have a large pool of the patients who have had procedures and whom have expressed a willingness to speak with future candidates for the same surgery. Mention this to one of our staff and we will put you or your loved one in touch with someone who has had similar surgery.

Dr. Gregory C. Neil is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon. He did his general surgery training at St. Luke-Roosevelt hospital in New York City, NY, and his Plastic Surgery training at the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA. Dr. Neil returned home in July, 2001 as the first board-certified Plastic Surgeon in the Bahamas.