Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery involves using breast implants to increase the size of your breasts or restore breast volume that has been lost after weight reduction or pregnancy. Breast augmentation is clinically referred to as augmentation mammaplasty.

Breast augmentation can:

–  Improve upperpole fullness, projection, and cleavage.
–  Improve yourself image and level of confidence.
–  Balance out proportions between upper and lower body.

Dr. Neil’s technique for this procedure is done by placing a small incision under the arm and placing the implants under the muscle to give the breast a more natural look and feel. No scars are usually placed on the breast, below the breasts, or near the nipple areola complex. Exceptions may be made in a few special circumstances.

Procedure: Performed under General Anesthetic in hospital

Hospital stay: Out patient

Recovery: One-two weeks off work, garment/bra for 5 weeks. Massage techniques usually begin one week after surgery. If your job requires physical activity, a longer recovery period might be necessary.

Note that some doctors will tell you that you can “recover in a day or two”. Too much early activity can cause bleeding at the surgical site, fluid collection, infections, or bad scarring. Beware of surgical Centers who do not emphasize rest after surgery. Rest after surgery expedites his healing and therefore early return to function. Taking time to heal is an investment in your future.